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Default Building new kit from scratch (Yamaha based)


I'm looking to build a yamaha based kit. Im looking at basically what is in the 562:

Except with a bigger snare (10 or 12inch) and bigger toms (8 inch probably)... If that is going to help of course. If there is no point I will not buy bigger.

I am beginner/intermediate drummer but want a fantastic kit because this gets used in a lot of Jam sessions with stellar drummers. Was hoping to get peoples thoughts on a few things. Mainly because I don't mind piecemealing this kit to get the perfect but reasonably priced kit.

HighHat - Anyone used the one on the 502 series? From what I can tell its the exact same one used in all their higher end kits. Is there something you would recommend more?

Brain 502 vs 700: Is it worth it to jump to 700? I mostly use Superior drummer 2 right now because I am using an old TD9 brain that sounds garbage. However, I'd prefer to use the internal sounds because they seem to react a lot better than triggering a midi kit. At least with the TD-9 anyways. It's triggering is terrible. If anyone uses the 502 for midi triggering please let me know if it is no compromise.

Ride: Would getting a bigger ride feel better on an electric kit?

kik: worth upgrading or is the 562 one just fine? Another thing is this is for in a condo so keeping it slightly quieter is a bit of a plus but not that important.

All the stands that everything is mounted on: I read one review where a user complained that it as cheap and hard to customize. Would it be better to just find this stuff used somewhere else in a better quality version?

expandability: If I want to add another crash later on can I? is there any downsides?

lastly, does it all have to be yamaha. Will the brain react just fine with other companies kit pieces. I am curious because if it makes sense to get something like the snare from another company if it is better, then I will.

The goal is to buy the best kit for the mot reasonable price. Upgrading the things that make sense to upgrade because they affect playability and sound. Any feedback is greatly appreciated! I will be trying these kits out around Toronto if I can find them but a lot of places don't have these things on display.

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