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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by The SunDog View Post
Sweet and sweet. Love that 14x6.5. That makes 12 DW snares by my count. Now what snare do you play most?
Thanks and thanks.
I have a few more, need to photograph them.
It depends on which kit I'm playing... The Vintage Brass gets a lot of time on the stand, just a sweet sounding drum, it works with the cherry shell kit. 5" deep snares, like the copper, maple and birch work for me with the maple Collectors kit. Of course, the Craviotto's can go with anything!
I also have a variety of Ludwig snares which are great with everything. And some Yamaha and Pearl snares.
Here's a 5.5x13 stainless steel which is superb. I'd love to get a 6.5x14 version.
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