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Default Re: Triggered lights inside drums

Originally Posted by Ned Zeppelin View Post
Hi Everybody,

I was watching some Jared Falk videos ( and noticed that his heads light up quickly on contact, and just as quickly turn off, which makes it much easier for a student to follow what he's doing. I'd like to have this on my teaching kits to help my students.

The problem is that the sites I've been able to find that sell triggered drum lighting either don't have a trigger product (like or their triggers are slow to respond and decay-so they're out of touch with what is actually happening. Whereas, Jared's are really on top of it. It looks like the head just lights up as it is hit and then turns off quickly thereafter.

Man, any help would be appreciated,

Thanks, Ned
On my gig the crew installed light-up LED lighting in each drum - very cool when we play at night. I will ask what they are and where they got those from. It looks a little involved, but it works great.
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