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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

I saw many things mentioned about Caseys drumming that are not "opinion" or "accusations"....but, fact.

I mean, If I posted on here and asked "opinions" about my playing....I would want the community to be honest.
And with that honesty, I would listen to what these experienced players are saying because're not aware of issues until someone else points them out.

Do I get defensive and rattle off a bunch of things that I'm doing that has NOTHING to do with my playing? Or, do I listen and try to correct the things other "experienced" players are seeing that maybe I'm not?

Nobody is immune to flaws....not me, not Vinnie, not Buddy and certainly not Casey.

The advice ( and criticism) I receive about my own playing from drummers around the world ( and this very forum) has done wonders for my playing...and, that ads up to much more than a few pennies from "million of views". (which I've had on several videos)

Hey Derek,

It's an honor to have you here on this thread. I appreciate your logical and thought out response and enjoy your awesome playing.
I'd like to make sure you understand that I am in no way being defensive about the issues with my playing. I respect the input from those who know more than I do and I appreciate an outsider's critique on the playing, especially from someone as skilled and knowledgeable as yourself. The only problems I have with were this thread and the things I got defensive about in order to clear them up were the attacks and critique of things OTHER than the playing. Members of this forum trying to bend my words in order to make it look or sound as if I don't care about getting better and that I'm some arrogant kid who thinks he's better than everyone because people like my videos. That is all I care about in terms of image. I may not be the most technically talented player on the planet (and as Bermuda eloquently stated about "amazing drummers," I too am quick to remind people in my videos (where I speak) and in person that I am nowhere near the "amazing" that those names are. BUT I also recognize that everyone has their own definition and whether we feel we are amazing ourselves, or not, people will see "amazing" in different lights in conjunction with their own ideas of the word and what they like about our playing/personality/work ethic/etc etc etc), but one thing I know that I am is in a position where people (mostly young and impressionable kids) look up to me for advice and inspiration and the LAST thing I want is for them to read someone skewing my words in a way that seems to promote anything other than hard work, practice, and an attitude that wants to get better, loves to play and loves to help others and be a positive addition to the world. That is the only reason I continued to "defend" those aspects of what I do in an attempt to insure those that read this thread do not get the wrong ideas that multiple members were attempting to create.

Anyway, thanks again for chiming in. It's awesome to see guys like yourself taking the time to add to the conversation.


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