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Default Re: 3 Mic Recording

I tried it - and I think it works out better. My set-up was simple, just two Audio-Technica pencil condensers capsules facing each other at a 45-degree angle over the kit, and one Shure SM58 about 6-inches in front of the kick.

Compared to one overhead, one snare, and one bass drum mic, this gives me more of a "real" sound of the kit. I also usually mix the snare mic farther down as well in this configuration.

With the two overheads, it's picking up the entire kit relatively equally and the stereo picture is good. However, in my set-up, the cymbals are almost as low as the drums. If you have your cymbals up higher, there's a risk of the overheads picking up more cymbal and you'll have to balance your playing a bit.
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