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Default Re: Sub for live sound

It's pretty simple. There's a gain knob on the speaker and one on every channel of the mixer. Set the one on the speaker at 50% (you can play with this setting later, the main thing is that the limit light is not flashing when you play). On the mixer, all gain settings on zero, channel volume on zero, main mix on zero, all EQ settings are at 50%. Mic the drum and plug into a channel, start playing. While playing adjust the gain on your channel up until you see the peak light start to flash, turn it down just until peak light no longer occurs. Turn the main mix up to the line. At your channel volume is still at zero, next to the fader find the button labeled main mix and press it. You are ready to adjust the channel volume. At this point turn it up slowly until you have a loud clear signal. Now you can EQ the mixer to get more of your desired sound. Best of luck and keep us posted.

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