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Default Re: Ludwig atlas mount for bass drum

There are almost unlimited options once you have a few mounts in place. Weight and available space are considerations, but the hardware will do almost anything you can imagine (and afford!)

My concern would be the amount of stress on the shell, which is mostly dependent where the mounts are installed. In the case of the black kick pictured in the other post, I wouldn't put too much weight on those mounts. With today's generally thinner shells, I'd think the side-mounted weight would put a lot of sideways stress on the shell. If those mounts were on the upper sets of holes, the pressure would be more evenly distributed across the shell. That doesn't mean put the mounts on top, and position cymbals too far off to the side, or it would be the same tweaking effect.

Just be careful that you don't start getting into this territory:

Although that's the 6-ply "thick" kick shell, the toms were also thick, and that much weight could not have been good for the kick shell, or its sound. weight-wise, the same applies to too many mounts & arms & cymbals supported at two points on a typically thinner shell.

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