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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
Ben, I've been really happy with the 360 coated G2s I've got on my "new" Ludwigs, there's just tone for miles coming out of these old girls. Right now I've got a "repurposed" Gretsch Powerstroke clone head on the kick batter and a coated EQ3 on the front. It's giving me a great mix of tone and thump with next to no muffling involved (the rolled up t-shirt just touching the batter thing). Which kick batter could I look at to keep pretty much the same thing going?
Beautiful kit, man!

I've been using EMAD2s for my kick heads. I love how easy it is to quickly adjust the dampening. With just the ring and no foam, you'll get the wide open sound with just a hint of dampening, like that of a PS3. With the smaller foam ring, you'll probably get a sound close to what you have now, and with the thick ring, you get a really focused attack, but it retains a beautiful resonance (the perfect amount, as far as I'm concerned).

I have an EMAD2 over a smooth white PS3 with a KickPort on my black oyster kit, with no internal dampening. The kick sounds HUGE. Strong punch, tons of body, and just the right amount of sustain that gets out of the way quick. I wanted an EQ3 for my reso, but my local shop only had PS3s in stock.
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