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Default Re: NPD: Trick Dominator - Initial impressions, to be followed by periodic review

When I compared the two systems, I found the advantage of the SB1 over the hammer on the Axis is durability, I've heard about a lot of people snapping the hammer, especially when using the system on a drive shaft-driven double bass pedal. The downside is the cost, which is almost equal to the cost of the Dominator pedal. Also, I find that when I play in most of the jam rooms I go to, the pedals hit hard enough to obviate the need to lug my drum module for practice sessions, though I will use them in larger venues.

As far as reliability, I can't comment on the Axis, since I've never seen them except on youtube. The SB1 eliminated double triggering altogether on my humble e-kit. Because of the fact that it only registers a single hit when the beater stops moving, I've now started learning heel up as well, something I wasn't able to achieve with my electronic kick drumpad because I couldn't adjust it to be sensitive enough for heel-toe, while permitting harder hits from a heel up style. Highly recommend it.

If you can demo the two pedals, I'd strongly advise doing so before making a purchase.
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