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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

I actually read this whole thread too.

First, I personally have no interest in youtube covers, and it's been a while (when this thread
first came around) since I checked out some of the cooperdrummer videos. So I believe
I'm not biased at all in either way.

As most have said too, I was impressed by the mature, eloquent and professional way
Casey chimed in "his" thread.

Then, as the thread went on, surprisingly almost all responses stayed or even got more
negative, almost all people seem to try to put down what he does. Honestly I don't really
get why. I really don't care about his thing, so it doesn't bother me at all. Also he as a person
doesn't bother me at all either, because he seems to be a friendly, hard working guy who
knows what he wants, knows what he can do (and what he can't), and has success. Many
older musicians don't seem to get that nowadays a "career" in youtube is a career, too, as
though it doesn't fit the traditional picture of career-making anymore.

As for Casey, I for myself am equally impressed with ALL of his replies - I mean COME ON,
even criticize him for replying numerous times is ridiculous, isn't it? He never got
personal or cheap, or insulting. Granted, noone did I think, but it's obvious that he or
what he does gets attacked from all around. We all know many forum members who just
needed one guy that picked on them, and they got all upset, personally attacked, and thus
started to behave in a way the Mods could easily banned them (and did so rightly). It really
seems now that some guys - who I otherwise know as positive, friendly, helping members -
can't back off and kind of wait for Casey to turn around, for things to get uglier, and for the
ban hammer to strike.

Again, I'm not "for" or "against" one or the other, I have nothing whatsoever against Casey
and what he does, just no interest. And I have nothing against the discussion, as I think some
points are very valid, and though hard, very true. But I do think this thread got very one-sided,
and I think people have to let it go. To me it really looks that now everybody's
trying to find new reasons and thoughts to hold against him. If I got criticized that much, I'd
want to defend myself, too. Who wouldn't?

Just to give it another perspective... Maybe it's one for the unpopular opinion thread...!?
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