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Default Re: Pearl Eliminator H-2000 keyhole

Originally Posted by Grolubao View Post
Hi guys,

Recently I found out that my H-2000 hi-hat stand was causing keyholes to my Zildjians. In fact there is no rubber protection on the metal part.

Is there any solution for this? Would gaff-tape help?
You're not mentioning whether this was damage to your top or bottom cymbal, but it probably has little to do with your stand and more to do with your clutch and how you use it.

If you're keyholing a bottom cymbal things have gone very, very, wrong, so I'm assuming you mean the top cymbal.

Many clutches, for many many years, had threads running the whole length of them, meaning your cymbal was rubbing against threaded metal. Just as doing so on a cymbal stand will eventually keyhole your crash, so too will rubbing on threads in your clutch eventually keyhole your top hi-hat cymbal. Many good-quality clutches no longer have threaded areas on those portions of the clutch (my Pearl and DW clutches do not, for example).

Also, look at how loose your top cymbal is on the clutch. More slosh = more wear.

Gaffing tape will simply wear off given time. Either try to fit some kind of protective grommet in the center hole of your cymbal, or look for some way to put protective tubing (like large-gauge nylon tubing) over the clutch itself.
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