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Originally Posted by AllenS View Post
Hey Derek,

What I love about your attitude is that you are willing to play anything from death metal (which you're most known for) to jazz, fusion, and progressive rock, among many other styles! How do you feel playing in a particular musical context (like death metal) is similar to playing in other styles, and what are the challenges that come with playing a wide variety of styles-if there are any, of course?

Hey Allen...thanks brother. Means a lot.

You know....I'm known for playing "Extreme Metal" but, when I started playing drums (1977) there wasn't "extreme metal". I grew up playing southern rock, disco, jazz, name it. Because that's what was around. As soon as I heard another style of music that I wasn't familiar with......I started learning the music (not the style of drumming.....big difference and, I think the answer to your question)

At an early age, I realized that all music was the same. Doesn't matter if it's Death Metal or bop....the same "rules" apply to both from a musical prospective. It's gotta feel natural not forced. That applies to all music....even electronic music.

So, with that in mind...the challenge would be to know the musical style enough, to not force other styles of playing over to it.

Don't know if that makes any sense but, the best way I could come up with an answer for ya. haha.

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