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great info drmfd

a close friend who is a drummer but works mostly as a bass player played bass with Wallace Roney probably a decade ago

while at Wallaces house one night a conversation about Tony came up and Wallace mentioned that he had a some of Tonys old Ks from the Miles and Lifetime era that Tony had given him.

he got to see these cymbals and tap on a few of them

he said that most were cracked along the bell and all of them were key holed .... but the ones that were not cracked he was able to tap on with a stick.

what was interesting to me was that he said none of them sounded particularly good at all and if he were picking through a pile of cymbals he would most likely had thrown them aside.

he mentioned that one of them had a particularly flat profile and had a prominent worn spot right in the center band and by the stamp he could tell that it was late 50s or early 60s.....he said that one had a very unique sound and was a bit more dry than the rest with unusually complex overtones for an old K .... seemed to be one that Tony loved judging by the worn spot.

Wallace had said that no one owned them but Tony and him

now I was not there to hear these cymbals but this guy knows what he is talking about and is a vintage gear fanatic.
he even owns some of Elvins old cymbals that he got from Don Bennett .... those are something else .

... anyway this just proved to me that it's not the cymbal it's who is holding the stick

Tony could hit a trash can lid and make it sing
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