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Default Realizing that its in the BLOOD!

Hey guys and gals! Haven't been around for awhile. Stepped away from the kit, sold all my gear and put down the sticks. Apartment life makes it tough to practice when I want and need to. I made the decision to put it all away-pack it in-throw in the towel. Give it up. Finding a band to play for seemed near impossible and I got into a rut in my playing. I was discouraged and lacked the passion to play that I mostly retained from my more youthful day. Now at closing in on 52 years old, I feel a flicker, a faint but ever present pilot light glowing. I thought I could completely extinguish my love of the instrument and just be the guy with memories of bygone days of blissful grooving and that would be that. Now I'm not so sure that that is my mind set. I still drum on everything. When I'm at a stoplight, its the steering wheel and dash (floor boards make a great kick sound) When at home its my lap or table of some sort. It drive the wife crazy. She asked me the other day when I was going to stop kidding myself and start playing again. That got me thinking and starting to go revisit forums and really examine my life with and without drums.
Sorry that this post went a little long. This is the first time in a while I have posted anything on a drummer forum.. It feels almost natural to be here. I realize that it feels in natural to not be playing. -James
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