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Default Roland CY-8 Pads Getting Crappy

Getting some Cymbal choking when hitting, and some non-response on the bow. 2 different pads.

I know the fix on the old ones was to clean the edge sensor. But Roland 'Fixed' the design on the newer CY-8's so it seems almost impossible to peel back the rubber to get at the sensor. Its like they purposely made them unrepariable.

As far as the Piezo sensor, does anyone know what one they use? (Round disk.) It's a 27mm but I don't know if it is a 3.4Khz, 2.6Khz,or 2.0Khz. That's important to know, to get the right response. (I work with these sensors all the time, as an engineer) I've heard the Piezo sensor also gets dirty and causes issues, and that one IS accessible.
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