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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

Originally Posted by opentune View Post
this statement is generally untrue, especially in music. i'm curious, who are your examples? justin bieber?
i'd agree some very mediocre actors or musicians have got famous, but they are a minority. most have chops.
I agree with you there!

However, a chilling thought had run through my mind and I hope it can't possibly come true: imagine back in the day when it was so hard to become a working musician because you had to go to school, to network with other players in school, and everyone from school helped one another to get gigs. In this day and age when it's literally taught that we take talent for granted and marketing is the way - there will eventually come a time when that generation of musician, who may have neglected his talent but knows how to market, will be in the majority, doing the hiring. Some would argue this is happening already (and has been happening), but there's still this glimmer of hope that master musicians are still being employed when you see the sheer musical muscle displayed at your basic film scoring session in L.A.

I know it seems like a very far cry from the 'YouTube cover world', but there are people who actually have careers as musicians that no one ever knows about, and those are people who produce all that wonderful in-tune music you hear on tv, in the movies, for the stage shows, or the professional tours that hire local musicians when they get to a big town. Some of them (like me) you won't ever see and can't advertise that I have this great gig! So the scary talented people are out there, and if you want a career that lasts for years with a close to six-digit income, then those are the people I would want to emulate and hopefully become. It's not about getting famous, it's about the love of music and doing it right and making a living at it for years. I know people who do this music thing so well they own their houses and have put their kids through college on it and are setting up their retirement plans. These people are definitely not flash in the pans, and they're so busy, you never see them on YouTube.

Sorry, I keep adding to this thread, huh? I'll stop now ;)
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