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Default Re: Aquarian Tom Head Help

I often use EC2's and I think the Performance 2's are a pretty close substitute. Similar to Pinstripes as well.

I just got a couple of Deep Vintage heads that I'm trying out on a snare and a floor tom (otherwise I'm using 1-ply Modern Vintage right now) and I like them overall. On the floor tom it's sustain is just a bit more controlled but it has a lot more centered tone, which is a big improvement for me. I'm going to get another Deep Vintage for my other floor tom but I think a Modern Vintage 2 is about as thick as I want to go for my mounted tom.

On snares it's a mixed bag. It sounded good on one (COB Supra) not as much on another (walnut, with really rounded bearing edges) I think some snares take to heavier heads better than others, and Deep Vintage is a heavy head...
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