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Originally Posted by Pratt
for me, since metropolis part II (except for falling into infinity, wich I think is really poor), mr portnoy has kinda lost his way...he is way too far from that drummer who created those excellent arrangements for "when dream and day unite" and "images and words"... remember erotomania and 6 o´clock? where are them?

I wont demand for a band toalways put out great masterpieces but in fact, for me, dream theater has lost the way home since kevin moor quit them...
Hmm. Maybe it's because I just got into DT but my FAVOURITE album is Scenes from a Memory.....I just think that they are trying to go different routes with their cd's. I dont think they necessarily 'lost their way'. I like the way it's progressing.....their cd's are getting more metal.....and portnoy is still playing pretty technical.....I like the placements of the bass drum more and more from each cd.....I think it's getting better.
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