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Default Re: Songs with that "POW!!!!" moment

Originally Posted by porter View Post
It's my favorite Disney movie on account of it basically being a lesbian "coming out" story (with a little bit of pretense, sure). Of course, it's certainly not badly scored, animated, or written, either.
I have actually heard several people say that and I got to be honest, I don't see it lol. I guess the "Let it Go" scene is supposed to be her coming out scene but if you listen to the song's lyrics and put it in the context of the whole movie it seems to be a story more about using your gifts and talents more for the benefit of others. In "Let it Go" she talks about having no rules and doing what she wants but what she doesn't realize is that her kingdom is suffering from the winter that she is bringing on. But at the end she ends up using her powers responsibly to bring joy to her people. I don't know lol cartoons seem much deeper now than when we were young haha.
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