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Default Songs with that "POW!!!!" moment

So I have a two year old. My in-laws bought him Frozen on blu-ray about two weeks ago.

We have now watched it about 83 times.

I actually like the movie. It's much better than Dora or Blue's Clues or whatever.

But in the song "Let it go" there is a part right before the climax of the song where everything stops and the bass does a awesome slide right before the rest of the band comes in full. It's a fine moment of musical POW!!!!

So I'm wondering what song's do you like that have that POW!!!! moment?

Another one of mine is Jeff Buckley, "Everybody Here Wants You" There is this moment towards the end of the song where the guitar hits this high note on an upbeat and it makes me want to shake my groove thing.
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