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Default Re: I bought the Pork Pie Throne but not super happy

Originally Posted by bobafettdrumcorp View Post
i'm in my late 30's lol

I know, I know, it's teenager thing to sit low and wanna look cool, but that's not my thing.
I've always sat low, it's where I feel most comfortable. I've always heard my whole playing career it's more work to sit lower to reach or attack everything but everyone has their own style, everyone has their comfort zone, mine just happens to be a tad lower. Not obnoxiously lower, just a little lower than this Pork Pie

I can't sit higher like Brooks Wackerman or other guys like that. Just not comfortable for me.
I know what you mean. My instructor sits as low as his throne will allow, and it has always baffled me, but he has no issues.

So I guess just return it. Maybe you accidentally got one of the extended height models by mistake. Otherwise, Maybe a Roc-N-Soc or a nice Tama throne. I know my Roc-N-Soc Nitro sits low enough that my knees sit higher than my hips if I wanted to.
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