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Default Re: Anyone use huge stick sizes?

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
I have played nearly every size and diameter of stick under the sun. I have small hands but I have found that smaller sticks don't work for me in certain situations -- my hands will feel like they're losing their grip and so I get the death claw grip, which makes it worse.

If you're a big guy with big hands, a big stick makes sense, but a big stick doesn't have to mean hard playing any more than a small stick means you are only going to play softly. (Within structural limits of the stick, of course. Try playing arena rock with a Vic Firth SD5 Echo and see what happens.)
I know exactly what you mean about the death claw grip. That's something I've always had to be careful with, particularly when playing live (where there isn't always time to warm up). I've played a few gigs with the 2Bs since I first posted here, and my hands have felt great during and after the gig. No hand pain, and I'm able to play as dynamically as ever (one gig was at a small bar where I really have to watch the volume, the 2Bs went right with me). The Vic 2B tapers out nicely to the tip, its actually a very responsive stick IMO. I think I'm sold on bigger sticks, so I'm going to check out a few other 2Bs and maybe the SD1 Generals as well. I'll report back here with my findings (if anyone really cares what sticks I'm playing lol).
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