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You're going to have to live with that this will be something you'll need to build from the ground up.

I wouldn't look any further then the 57 to start off with. Might get 2 since then you'll have a good hi hat & snare mic. Also lets you learn fredman micing for guitar amps.

As for mic pre's the presonus studio channel can't be beaten in it's price range due to it's versatility with boosting guitar amp signals and recording bass guitar directly.

Since i'm assuming you're going to mix stuff aswell then do forget about drums right off the bat. It's simply not going to mix properly at all and you will be beat in terms of quaility hands down to every drumsoftware on the market.

It's better to invest in some quality drumprograms like superior & XLN addictive. You'll have some good sounds to sample replace drummers (especially kickdrum is a nightmare these days).
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