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Default Re: Sub for live sound

Building a sound system, I get it.. We can move past that :-)

If this helps you (and anyone else) understand: currently in my cover band (playing classic to modern rock and pop) we have singer w/ acoustic rhythm guitar + bass player + lead guitar + me on drums.

For the past 4-5 years we play the local bar circuit, which can range on any given night from 20 to 200 people.. not much larger than that. During this entire time, I have never mic'd up my kit b/c we really don't play terribly loud and in some places, we are so tight up on stage or wherever the place puts the bands that there is literally no room for me to put extra speakers for my drums and mic them. Our PA consists of two Bose L1 systems that ONLY the vocals mics and acoustic guitar go through. We bring that system everywhere - the bars in my area don't have PAs, and the ones that do admittedly say their house PA system sucks royally. The singer/bassist setup the PA and we run it ourselves, we have no soundman ever.

20% or less of those gigs on the small side, I bring out my Roland Vdrums which I use my Roland KC-550 keyboard amp for. It's been decent so far with that rig. Could it be a little tiny bit better or louder, sure.

I'll admit once in a blue moon I whack the deuce out of my kick drum and floor tom b/c those low frequencies don't make it out very far from the stage and I get frustrated. Hence I'm looking to augment my kit with something portable and non-obstructive on stage.. Just to give a LITTLE BIT more of drum presence. I'm not looking to shake the buildings down or be louder than the rest of my band. In fact if I do, I'm sure I'll hear it from the bass player (HAHAHA). Couple this situation with the fact that we are starting to play more outdoor gigs and larger places, I could use some firepower finally. I've convinced the band that I AT LEAST need to mic my kick drum if I had to choose one drum when we play indoors.

I fully realize the most optimal setup (esp. for the outdoor gigs and large backyard parties, etc) will require a full-fledged system with tops and sub, but for now I just want something I can use when I need it, whether for my acoustic or electronic drums.

At this point, after following this thread and researching out on the 'net, that I've convinced myself a Yamaha DXR 15 and Behringer XENYX 1002B mixer will fit the bill FOR NOW. At a later time when more funds and need become available, I'll augment it with a powered subwoofer.

I hope this helps a little more now and if you have any other suggestions they are welcome :-)
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