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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

Originally Posted by Drumsinhisheart View Post
Ah. Well, no disrespect to Steve, but I had not heard of him before someone emailed that yt vid to me. It's obvious he had his schtick going before the vid went viral. He certainly didn't begin performing those moves without a great deal of practice. It might be argued millions of people now know of him without knowing his actual name. He's 'that crazy drummer." That's the phenomenon of youtube.
Just by chance I happened to meet Steve at NAMM last January.
It appears he quite realizes and embraces his situation. I found him very humble, and extremely funny. I told him about the "no gold jackets" picture that has been floating around this forum, and he found it hilarious.

Originally Posted by Drumsinhisheart View Post
I may be wrong but I tend to think youtube and other such sites yet to come will be the main source of concert promotion and viewing in the future. Musicians in the flesh may fade away as technology increases. Wall size televisions becoming common. What are now considered top of the line sound systems ending up in the homes of every average person ... slide your debit card in a personal tracker, and watch the concert from the comfort of your home in a environment that will seem better than being there. Special sound stages developed for the purpose. Playing to millions rather than thousands. It's done now to a degree, but things like youtube will make it happen and become as common as people heading out to the local club to catch a band.
Yes, the technology already exists, it's just not common place yet.
With google glasses and such emerging technologies, one day very soon, you won't have to drive to the venue to see a band perform, just put on your gear, pay the fee, and you'll get the full concert experience from home.

Originally Posted by Derek Roddy View Post

Bermuda, Your playing has been in more listens ears (listeners....not drummers) than anybody participating on this forum put together....
True, very true.
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