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Default Re: Sub for live sound

Thanks much for the advice so far! you always can learn something new! :-)

Ok, so I already know my Audix D6 at least does some initial mud scooping so the KickPad wouldn't totally be necessary.. and come to think of it, I'm eventually going to run into a gig or three where I need to mic up my toms and snare, so I will probably get a small 4-channel mixer anyhow (like a small Mackie or something). So that'll give me the line level and EQ'ing you suggest I should have.

So that bring me to the next question then based upon what you guys suggested - if I have to choose ONE speaker item to take on the gig would I be better off getting a fully powered PA speaker like a Yamaha DXR15 or a QSC K12 or should I still spring for the powered sub, to handle my kick?
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