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Default Re: Ludwig's new Signet 105 drum line!

Ok guys I ordered the "Giga Beat" kit in natural teak and I received it today. I think Bermuda has done a great job at clearing things up for people but I want to take some of the heat off of him here. I live in my apartment so I really haven't got to play these drums yet. even though before my neighbors come home I did get the bass drum tuned in and as far as I can tell it sounds Killer. But right now I want to talk about build quality Pluses and Minuses.

Lets start with the actual shells. I did the full inspection on these bad boys. I checked the edges which are very smooth and even. And the shells are very much so in round. I have played held and serviced Classic maples and I must say that these shells are much light due to the fact that they are super thin they do have a little bit of give to them but not an alarming amount due to this I have noticed that they are very resonant. and giving the the "DW" style tap test the shells themselves have a very pronounced tone to them when you give them a tap. Also going back to the edges there was no filler that I could see in the bearing edges which I understand happens a lot and it might happen on some of the drums made for this line but mine are filler free.

On my holes there was blowout but I will get more into that later. The finish on the shells is very dull but really is quite nice in person even from a distance. I wish more companies would offer this "green" finish as an option. I am not an environmental nut but I appreciate the step to make this world greener. The finish is kind of rough but I am personally ok with it even though I prefer a super smooth finish.

Now lets get to the lugs. These little guys are solid, and the black plastic caps are much smaller than they look in person. Also everything that Bermuda has been said about the plastic cap is true. The function of the black cap is very minimal and as far as i can tell the lugs would be functional without them.

Other Hardware - I love the bass drum claws these claws are the most solid claws I have ever had on a drum set. They are cast and very heavy duty but are nice and small and fit the rim perfectly like a glove The Tension rods and rims are standard, and the floor tom legs and the triad mounts are very solid. I want to check out these mounts more later but as of now I don't have an opinion other than they are solid as are the floor tom legs.

Now for my biggest beef The bass drum spurs. Honestly I like the build quality and even though I don't like that they elevate the front of the bass drum it doesn't really bother me that much. The problem I have is that when I fold them up the spur ends wont close up all the way because they rest on the bass drum rim. I will take a picture of this later. It is very small but for some reason It really makes me mad (oh well I will get over it)


I spent 3 hours putting this kit together far from the 20 minutes they say but to be fair I did go over each drum for a long time. Also they were so well packed that it almost took me 30 minutes to take them out of the boxes and get everything organized. These lugs are a tight fit at first I thought I was going to crack the drum trying to shove it in (insert joke). I actually like that it is like this it means it will not fall out however this is were a very slight problem arose I pushed one in at a wrong angle and got slight blowout on the inside of the shell. I hope this clears up why this is happening. Its not a big problem and it wont be a problem at all if you pay attention to what you are doing. Like I said it was a very small amount of blowout and it does not bother me. I have never owned a drum set without a little bit of blowout.

putting on the heads. it wasn't until the last drum head that I really figured out how to get the lugs and rods lined up easily because the lugs do move from side to side. No that I have it down I see no added time in changing drum heads however at first it did take a few extra seconds per lug.

Overall even though I have been sold on these since I played them a few weeks ago at Guitar Center I was honestly surprised by the build quality. I would not call these a cheaper alternative to a classic maple or something comparable these are really their own thing. They sound different, and they look different. But they have a high quality sound, and in my opinions they have a quality look to them. I do believe that they are a little gimmicky but for some reason I chose them over drums more than twice there price. They spoke to me and they might to you as well. If you are wanting to buy a new kit do yourself a favor and go check them out. You might come to the same conclusion that I did. But even if you don't, you owe it to yourself to go and try out as many drums as you can because that is the only way to know what you really want.

P.S. other kits I tried out and considered buying were, Gretsch Brooklyn, Yamaha Recording Custom, Gretsch Renown, Ludwig Maple Classics, Tama B/B, and Pearl Session Studio Classics.

Even though though all of these drums sounded great the Signets really did it for me.

I hope you enjoyed this rant. If punctuation is off I apologize I have had very little sleep. If any of you have any more questions about them please let me know. I will continue to update my views on them as I spend more time with them, and when I am done with that I will get back to you in 5 years.

Thank you,
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