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It's gotta be better than the P-85. The design looks much better and simpler. I'll probably do the same thing. It doesn't seem fair to have to spend more money for something that should just work. It''s like having to buy a new gas pedal in your new car. It's ridiculous. I wish I knew why Ludwig will not replace the P-85.Apparently they have no desire to improve their products.Their snares are not cheap but they continue to use this P-85 garbage designed in 1921. Maybe they like selling the P-86 as the only Ludwig option. People at Ludwig have to know by now that they have the worst throw-off on the market and it doesn't seem to be an issue. I guess they just don't care or the problem would have been rectified by now in 2014. I've had 4 Ludwig snares over the years and all of the P-85s got stuck. Good luck with your upgrade.
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