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Originally Posted by Cuban View Post
I toured with Genesis & Phil in the early 1980's and Tony Williams was a regular played by Phil. His drumming was a big influence on Phil, who also introduced me ( as a young teenager ) to Pat Metheny and many other great artists.
Wow! Were you a drum tech or something? I'd love to hear some stories from the road, although I do have the "Chapter & Verse" -book as well as the Genesis studio albums.

Tony and Phil do both have that "push" and playing on top of the beat -style to them. Saw Genesis on the Turn it on Again -tour and even though I've always admired Chester Thompson (the Zappa stuff etc) as a drummer, the music really took 6th gear when Collins sat down on his kit.

Back to the topic, to whom it may concern, one might want to compare the studio version of Allan Holdsworths "Looking Glass" with Tony on drums, to selected live versions, my favourite being the Tampa Bay '89 -bootleg (can be found easily) where it's the almighty Vinnie C on drums. Although Vinnie kicks ass all the time (the version of Shallow Sea from that gig is the penultimate fusion ripping collaboration ever!), it's the studio version that IMHO packs the most Cojones and dauntless risk-taking stuff, with most of it landing on its feet in the process :D
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