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There's a relatively bad sounding but musically incredibly powerful bootleg of the New Lifetime Band, from c. 1976 at the Village Gate. With A.H. on guitar, obviously. If you've listened to Believe It! and liked it, check it out. It's the same thing but on steroids!

Originally Posted by Cuban View Post
For over 30 years, the track 'Fred' has been a part of the soundtrack of my life (thanks to Phil Collins.)
Phil Collins sure knows his drummers, is there a story behind this? :D That is, Phil being one of my early and biggest influences and Tony being a later idol with all the Joneses, Erskines and such. I really love Tony's imagination, chops, relentlessness and ride cymbal sound/clarity. However, the later jazz stuff and some of his aesthetic choices during the Yellow Drums -days are still over my head.

(BTW, here's something I did to One Finger Snap some time ago. I hope you like it! )
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