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Default Re: Teflon Tape

Hmm, I never thought to use Tef tape as a de-tuning aid. Pretty clever idea.

While Loc-tite probably works good, I imagine it would affect the tuning key/rod feel. I prefer a smooth tuning rod experience so I can feel by turning how much tension is on the head.

I always thought someone should make a locking lug, but that would really drive up the cost of things.

Does anyone use a nut on their rod? (boy if that doesn't sound too off color...)

You know, screw a nut on your rod (OMG I can't stop!) then put the male end of the rod into the waiting female receiver, (I'm just going with it at this point) tune the drum, then tighten the nut down the rod to the lug to lock the tuning. You'd have to wrench it slightly. Maybe even use a 2nd for insurance. Still it's problematic for re-tuning. But it really should work on the problem lugs, like the one you rimshot right over. (Was any of this good for anyone????)
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