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Default Re: Ludwig's new Signet 105 drum line!

It appears from the pic in post #291 the design is access to the lug nut from the front. It also appears there's no way the lug nut will fit through the hole in the back, they needed to keep that hole small for structural reasons since the lug is being supported by the lip on its end when in the shell.

So that would clear this up: Even if the plastic part would fall off or get bumped off (which would be hard to do) it would not affect the lug at all.

As mentioned if the tension rod was removed and the plastic piece was out, the lug nut would fall out. It easy then to assume the plastic piece also functions as a lug nut holder. That being so, you'd probably have to have a tension rod inserted into the lug nut and manipulate the nut to remove the plastic piece, dislodge the lug nut from that plastic piece... and that could be the reason for the hole in back. It'd be best to attempt this while the lug is on the drum.
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