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Default Sub for live sound

Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade from my Roland KC-550 (which has been great so far for small gigs with my Roland V-drums) and I'm relegating that back to my home studio. So moving forward, I'd like to get some more firepower out there for my live sound while remaining relatively compact and value-conscious. I'd say it's a 80/20 split of our gigs where I use acoustic/electronic drums, so I'm not looking to spend a ton of money on a high-end set of speakers. However, lately I've had the need to mic up my acoustic kick for some of our indoor medium sized gigs (we bring our own PA system which is basically two Bose L1 systems for just vocals and acoustic guitar) to get some OOMPH out of it so I figure I should get a dedicated powered/active sub where I can use it for that as well as for the Vdrums when it's all-electric. (Let's save the discussion on a comparable/matching 8-12" powered speaker for later.)

Can anyone recommend any of the following powered subs for my kick drum. I realize 18"s would be best overall but for space saving and the fact we don't play ear-bleedingly loud I am preferring 12 or 15" subs:

- Electro-Voice EV ZXA1-Sub (12")
- Electro-Voice ELX118P (18")
- Yamaha DXS12 or DXS15 sub (12 or 15")
- QSC KSub (dual 12")
- JBL PRX 715XLF (15")
- ?? Something else ??

Also as a side question, if I mic up my acoustic kick with my Audix D6, can I just run that straight to the input on the powered sub and use the Gain/Level/Volume on it or do I need to use a little mixer along with it? Thanks!
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