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Default Re: Evans G1 or G2? Clear or Coated?

Originally Posted by nsfalgout View Post
Ah, alright thanks. So the G2 would be the more versatile option correct? And I am still a little confused about whether coated or clear would be good for all types of music.
Both very versatile.....hence why they're the most common choice of heads. The 2 ply just gives a bit of added durability is all. But it is not quite as open sounding as a result.

The coated or clear question is an age old conundrum that will never be definitively answered. Hence why many players, myself included, have tended to switch back and forth over the years. The coater head offers a rounder and warmer tone, while a little more attack is apparent in the clears.

I tend to suggest newer players start with a clear 2 ply batter head as that will work for pretty much everything and you can then get a little more selective as your ear develops.
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