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Originally Posted by largo61
This is all I hear from Slipknot fans. They say Slipknot is the greatest band ever and Joey Jordison is the greatest drummer ever. He is not even close to the greatest drummer ever. I will as bold as to say he is a mediocore drummer. All he does is tasteless roles and crowd pleasers. A large amount of Slipknot fans are ignorant to the world of drums. And they prefur it that way. They refuse to listen to other drummers or consider another drummer better. He is not the greatest drummer. He is not even the best metal drummer. While he is a fast drummer, that is not the most important part of drums. After all, drummers are timekeepers. Not speed machines. I would like to see Joey Jordison on a four piece drumset. He thrieves on eight and nine pieces. He needs a large drumset with a double bass. People would have a completely different perception of him if he used a four piece. This would prove just how mediocur he is.
He's got the technique. He has practised his drumming a lot and now he can earn the fame for it. Many Slipknot fans are ignorant towards other music and I must say I like Slipknot very much and the main credit they get is for their show. See Slipknot as a whole thing and not the musicians for themselves.
I like Joey, but he is not the best drummer (as I said many times before.....). To me, he is as good as Ahmir Thompson or Chris Pennie. They are all good musicians and great Producers.

Edit: @ largo61: You don't need a great kit to be good, but it gives a good drummer a lot of opportunity's, doesn't it??!
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