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Default Re: DW owners unite!

Originally Posted by The SunDog View Post
Okay I'm gonna play the snare guessing game.
From the top:
1 - Craviotto 14x5.5 lacquer/natural 24k
2 - Craviotto 14x6.5 satin/nat. Chrome w/Nickleworks throw
3 - Collectors 10/6 14x5 lacq./nat. 24k
4 -tough one. Collectors Hickory? 14x5.5 Chrome
5 - another tough one. Collectors 10/6 14x6 Rainbow exotic? 24k
6- Steel Edge 14x5.5 Curly maple 24k w/Nickleworks throw

How'd I do? I notice you've got a Collectors copper snare w/ the Tamo Ash kit too (you rotten bast**d) ;b
Not bad.
1- Crav 5.5x13 satin oil with brass (I added three coats of high gloss tung oil)
2- Ding! Ding! Ding!
3- You got it right, except for brass hardware
4- Collectors Birch with amber lacquer
5- Collectors Rosewood exotic 6.5x14 w/ brass
6- Edge brass/maple 6x13 flame maple w/brass hardware
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