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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

Everyone is free to have their own opinions, their own ideas, and their own beliefs. Thankfully we have that freedom of beliefs and freedom of speech, it's great. The problem is that a lot of people don't want to accept anything other than what they believe as a possibility. I guess in the end it's not really a problem, because you're perfectly welcome to be that if that's the kind of person you are, it just limits the opportunities/relationships and definitely doesn't open a lot of doors for you, if you distance yourself from anyone who doesn't believe what you believe.

The reason people think you are "hating" or "dog piling" or whatever it can be called is because you don't accept anything other than what you believe to be right, as a possibility. And hey, like I said, it's perfectly fine, as others have stated you're not gonna make everyone happy and you don't have to have the approval of a DW member to do something in life. It's definitely not something I'm looking for before I make my next move or make a decision, BUT what is sad is when you guys try and find anything I (or anyone else for that matter) say to use against them, and when you find something you leap on it, but when you can't find anything "wrong" or anything to point out that you don't like, you just choose not to respond and ignore it. Once again, completely up to you guys, but if you can't bring yourselves to admit you might be off on something you said or that maybe you misunderstood, or maybe that there is something good out there besides what you have stubbornly decided is the only way, then don't expect for people not to look at you like you're a dog piling person on anything you don't believe in. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I've been the only one in this forum thread that has admitted I'm wrong about things, I'm not the best, I have a lot to work on, and that you guys are more knowledgeable and yet STILL it's like I'm talking to a brick wall that only responds when it sees a "weakness" in what I say. Not everyone does it, but there are a certain few who really make it blatantly obvious that they aren't gonna say anything unless they can use it to their advantage.

Anyway, that's just an outsider looking in, I guess.
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