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Default Re: Repairing Roland SPD-S

Best case, 1

Worst case, 11

Some songs are as simple as triggering a rhythm guitar part during the instruments portion of the song. Some are simply verse chorus.

I have learned to make adjustments and usually I can limit it to 4 to 6 segments.

Generally I use pad 1 on the SPD for the song's intro. Easy enough. I also use pad 9 for a kill switch. Very important :)

On an easy/typical verse, chorus, bridge song, I can cover it with just three pads mounted on the right side.

I took on this project because 1) I couldn't find a reliable keyboard player and 2) the music we play (60's/70's/80's/90's classic rock/pop) has very basic drumming and I felt the need to do more. It's actually pretty simple. A lot of songs are repetitious and the backing parts start at the top of the measure which means you usually have a free hand at the time.
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