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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

Originally Posted by Emmaticus00 View Post
I'm so sick of you guys completely dog piling on him.

Accept it people, you just might have been proved wrong.

Haters gonna hate.

I just got all argumentative essay on ya' guys. ;)
There is no 'wrong' here. A drummer can do whatever s/he pleases, and no drummer needs to defend at all what s/he does. I'm guessing you're younger, but one doesn't need DW praise ( or youtube 'likes') or anything else on the internet to validate yourself. Now...if you want advice or opinions, then you're at the right stop. But what you do with that info is your prerogative.

Haters? I'm not sure what you classify as 'haters'. Are they people with ability to analyze and hold two opposing ideas or views in their brains, and weigh the pros and cons, or speak about them? These are 'debaters' - People arguing the pros/cons of being a youtube drummer...of using youtube...or of Evans vs. Remo heads. Relax.
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