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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
Xactly. How does being super duper busy constantly creating videos relate to "becoming the best drummer you can be"? (Which, in my book, would rather relate to _physically_ working on becoming a better drummer/musician, not spitting out YouTube videos.) Out of those 16 hours per day, how many hours are actually spent on "becoming the best drummer you can be"? How much is lighting, video shooting, editing, all that periphery stuff? Are you practicing 16 hours or working 16 hours on your brand?

What I forgot to mention in my previous post when I said I don't care for copycats is that the drummers who 'made it' are getting gigs/engagements/recording projects because they have some uniqueness - _if_ people want that. So a Steve Gadd is supposed to bring some element of Gadd into whatever project he's involved. What could you bring into a project? Did you actually have enough time to develop something that could be labeled a style of your own or at least some traces of uniqueness? Serial production vs. individualism.
I'm so sick of you guys completely dog piling on him. There is absolutely no reason to completely hate about him not being a true "musician". Everytime he plays something, he puts a little bit of Cooper in it. Maybe he likes playing along to musicians; I do that myself. However, that does not make him any less of a musician. Covers are half of his channel. The other half is him playing in Georgia State University's band. You don't see him staring at sheet music completely copying the original guy. He adds to it and makes it his own. He does gigs and I can pretty much guarantee that he practices rudiments and others, like a true "musician."

This is the definition of a musician:
A musician (or instrumentalist) is a person who is talented in making music or performing music creatively, or one who composes, conducts, or performs music.

Lets see: he's a person who is talented (check). He performs creatively (check). I think he's a musician.

Accept it people, you just might have been proved wrong.

Haters gonna hate.

I just got all argumentative essay on ya' guys. ;)
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Because I could make that happen...
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