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Default Re: Roland TD-20 sound issue

Originally Posted by RolandDrummer View Post
I am having the hardest time trying to get my TD-20 working after setting it back up after a while. The first few weeks I had it set up everything was working fine. I put together a few kits to mess around with and it was going good. Then all of a sudden my snare on the drums has been making very annoying sound. It is happening on all the kits, just on the snare drum though. I looked through all the effects, all the EQ's, even reset the snare drums back to default, but nothing works. The sound can be described kind of like a flanger or similar, but all effects and EQs were disabled.

Although, I did try a new cord to go from the trigger to AUX4 in the module and set up another snare on the AUX channel, and the sound was not present. Although I will be using all 4 aux channels for other triggers so I need to get this figured out. I recorded the sound it is making on audacity to show here. Quality isn't the best but the sound is very evident. Please help me!

It sounds like you have a trigger problem - this 'flanging' sound can happen when the module reads two triggers very close to each other, and fires two of the same sound at almost (but not quite) the same time, the 'flanging' is due to the signal phases clashing.

Check your trigger settings for the pad, you may have accidentally reduced your scan-time and your mask-time, each should be 2ms or above for a larger mesh pad. If the problem can't be fixed with adjustment of the trigger parameters then the piezo in the pad may have developed a fault. Try using one of the floor tom pads in the snare drum input to see if the problem is arising in the pad or in the module. A faulty piezo should be a pretty easy fix but contact the Roland service dept in your country to find out more for servicing/repair/replace info.
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