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I'd look at the AKG 214. It's a side-address condenser, and as far as AKG mics go, the $399 price isn't too bad. You said vocals to drums, so I would go with this one. However, also look at the Studio Projects C1, another big side-address condenser built in China, but it's actually quite nice and sounds great, those can be had for $230 or so. Audio Technica makes a few low-end side-address condensers, starting with the AT2020 for $100, and they go up from there. Another lower-cost alternative, would be the CAD Trion Series. I had the Trion 800, which is a huge side-address tube microphone that sells for around $230 too - awesome sound even with the Chinese-made tube. The one I had I put a NOS RCA tube in it and the mic just lit up. All of these mics are tough enough to take on drums and guitar amps, and vocals. They basically just record a clean signal without mucking it up.
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