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Default Re: Roland spd-sx questions

Make the video in a couple years when you've learned it all :)

Obviously im into Pink Floyd a lot
We are working on PF's "Money" in my 3 piece band. The bass player picks up a guitar and I play the bass parts on 6 pads and some piano on a couple more via the SPD. I tried for an hour to write a midi sax part but decided that, my guitar player is so good, we will just have him take that segment.

I had to teach them what 7/4 was. Hell, I had to learn what 7/4 was, then teach them :) I had heard the song a million times but, when I sat down and played along with it, I was immediately confused :) It only took a few minutes for the light to switch on but it was a weird few minutes. And....the guitarists are still scratching their heads over it.
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