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Default New DW 9000 Double Bass Pedals - How do I sell?

Hi guys, new to this forum but not having any luck selling my pretty much brand new DW 9000 Double Bass pedals. I just paid $579 + tax for them and the foot boards are too short for my size 13 shoe. However, since I used them a few times they wouldn't take them back. SOOOO, instead of being raped by Ebay for fees I posted them on Craigslist. First at $425 then two days later took them all the way down to $380.

No bites?? These are some of the best pedals on the market and I can't believe no one has scooped them up here in Tampa Bay Area as soon as they were posted and especially since I've lowered brand new $600 pedals to $380. Am I way out in left field for someone who wants new but doesn't want to pay retail for such an awesome set? Thanks

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