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Default Re: Aquarian Tom Head Help

Originally Posted by drum4fun27302 View Post
I'd recommend coated response2.
Super 2 and response 2 are pretty much the same. My local GC guy told me that the aquarian rep told him that. They used super 2 for the name "super" trying to link the heads to the successfull super kick series.

Anyway. The coated response 2 two will give you that warmer sound you are looking for.
It sounds like one (or both) of those guys are full of it. The Super 2 is a 2-ply head; a 7 mil and 5 mil. Where the Response 2 is 7 mil layers; giving a slightly warmer sound, but mostly a little more durability. If Aquarian really wanted to link that "super" name to the heads, they should have changed the logo on that particular head so it was similar the SK heads. I don't think that's really the case though...

The Super 2 is sort of similar to the Evans HD which has a 5 mil layer and a 7.5 mil layer or the Remo Vintage A with 7.5 mil and 3 mil layer.
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