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Default Re: Sabian 60s sound

Originally Posted by The SunDog View Post
Finding Sabians that sound likes vintage Zildjians should be a cinch. You are aware that the founder of Sabian was Robert Zildjian. The Sabian plant in Canada used to be a Zildjian plant. It and the right to use the Zildjian family metal formula were awarded to Robert in the late 70's as the result of a lawsuit.
Except by that time, Zildjian was no longer making vintage-sounding cymbals (their A's typically did not sound the same as their predecessors from just 10 years prior) and Sabians didn't really possess the classic vibe, either. That's why both companies felt it necessary to introduce new lines to specifically capture the classic '60s sounds. Their 'normal' cymbals - A and AA - just aren't the same as they were (or would have been) back in the day.

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