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Default Re: Ludwig's new Signet 105 drum line!

Originally Posted by Les Ismore View Post
Without ever seeing the lug myself in person, I could tell you the plastic piece is integral to the design, LUGWIG wouldn't put it on for aesthetic purposes, my guess would be its a lug nut retainer. So, if it failed, or fell out it'd seem logical the lug nut and its performance would be effected.
As for being integral to the design, yes, it's there to keep the lug nut in place when changing heads. But at all other times, the lug nut is secured by the tension rod. Even without the plastic insert, it is held in place and functions normally (until the rod is unscrewed.)

Judging by the difficulty in removing the plastic piece, it is highly unlikely it could fall out. But I will say again, even if it did fail in some manner, the rod and its receiver would be unaffected during use. No tuning issues, no nothing. It would probably look odd, but that would be the extent of any 'damage'. In that event, I would simply order a new, complete lug, or swap it to a less visible position, such as any of the four lugs on the underside of the kick.

To all the doubters... I've got these lugs in my hands! Please take my word for it when I describe them!!

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