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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
Hey man, we're not having a discussion here. You obviously know what you're doing. I was just saying I'm confused by your statement that you want to be performing and entertaining. Because in my world, when people are looking for drummers to work, they're looking for people who are actually good first. The entertaining part is a by-product of being good. I'm not going to send a sub based on his entertainment value - he has to be a player first. Your statement to me was that you're not into being a player, you want to be entertaining. So you get to book the after-party for the musicians playing on the bandstand.

That's all I'm saying. We're not talking about the same things so I couldn't possibly bring you down. Bringing you down is when I say "Two notes is two notes, man", after you say you were fired from a gig for missing two notes. If you want to be a player, I need you to be able to nail all the notes, right?
You seem to be making a little progress on understanding, BUT, the most important part of this is not whether YOU understand, it's about anyone else reading this thread, so this is very important that it is expressed:

The most important point of my mentality/attitude that you keep trying to bury, that I want to be very apparent for anyone else reading this thread, is that contrary to what you're trying to make it seem like, I am working on being a better and better and awesome player and working on being the best drummer I can be. Literally the thing you keep holding against me is your lack of pulling the actual meaning from words that are blatantly obvious. I never said I didn't want to be a great player/drummer. I just said "My goal as a drummer isn't to be the MOST technically talented." (keyword MOST) There is a huge difference between being a killer player and being the "MOST technically talented" in the world.

For anyone reading this, I am not in the least bit suggesting that you shouldn't work to be the best you can be, you should strive for nothing less, BUT the best you can be doesn't necessarily have to be the absolute most technical player on the planet, seeing as how only one person can hold that position at a time, that makes it just about downright impossible for everyone to be that. You need to strive to be as technically talented a player that makes YOU happy and allows you every opportunity that you wish to be awarded. In the end the more chops you have, the better, but don't let it get to you if someone who can't play as well as Virgil or Mangini is getting on your case about you not being able to play as well as Virgil or Mangini. Not everyone is striving for a gig with Dream Theatre or something of the sort.

Hope that helps to clear up the fog that our friend Bo Eder here is trying so hard to cast on my attitude.

And Charlie Juson, I'm glad you're back on the kit, my friend! Make sure you stick around, cause life behind the kit is a lot of fun :)

And thanks a lot for the support, Emmaticus00 (Emma?) Keep having fun and playing and it sounds like you're definitely headed towards being a great drummer :)

Keep jammin!

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