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Default Re: What do you think about Casey Cooper (COOP3RDRUMM3R)

All technical drumming points and ability aside, I think what Casey does to inspire people to start drumming is great. However, IMHO, Casey seems interested in creating his brand and an entertainment package, which is fine. That's what a lot of successful entertainers do/have to do to build their careers and get exposure. But, artistically that does nothing for me and worries me that young up and comers are starting for the wrong reasons. I hope they get started and get inspired by others and get pointed in the right direction, not that there's anything wrong with entertaining but there is more to this art. I think there is a difference between a musician and an entertainer and when one appears to spend as much time preparing themselves to entertain they are taking time away from being a musician. Im not saying Casey is not a musician either, Im just saying there is a line somewhere.

I am a nobody in the world of music and an average drummer at best. Im just a guy with a love for music and I turned that into a hobby of writing and recording. I give Casey tons of respect for the amount of work that he has put into his thing and he deserves to be successful. Its just not my cup of tea.
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