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Default Re: Tama throne warning!

Originally Posted by drums advocate View Post
Bought one of these used today. I found this link which admits the problem listed in this thread:

I'll update this post with a pic in a little bit showing the bolts and that my chair would likely eventually have busted like others here have mentioned...

Here's a link to the .pdf for my throne which lists the part numbers that need replacing and includes 4 different seat types:

3-11 HB850HN8T Bolt, spring, washer, spring & hex-nut assembly
3-12 HB850WN8T Bolt, springs, washer & wing nut assembly

While I'm being helpful, might as well provide more.....for those of you who like to download manuals, the Tama site doesn't make it easy (at least not for me) to find where their pdf docs are, but with my sleuthing skills I located it as follows:

going through their parts section I found this html web page:

that page has .gif pic named: HT430_530_730.gif

I also stumbled upon another pdf page in my google searching for: which ties to an identical gif file with the same naming structure, that gif file is on

I put 2 and 2 together and figured out the HT430_530_730.pdf link must exist since there is a .gif file with the same name.

Going to try and call Tama Monday to see if they'll send me the replacement parts...I know...sounds like I'm dreaming...oh well, they'll suffer in the long run.
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